Analysts’ Estimate

The consensus estimates published here are based on earnings predictions made by analysts unrelated to Commerzbank and evaluated by Commerzbank. The forecasts, estimates and predictions for Commerzbank are only the opinion of these analysts, not that of Commerzbank or its board of managing directors, nor does the bank have anything to do with the estimates. Publication of the figures does not mean that Commerzbank supports or agrees with the information, conclusions or recommendations, and Commerzbank assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the statements, nor does it undertake to update or revise the estimates.

Here please find the current consensus estimates:

Analysts’ Estimate, as of Mai 28, 2024
28 May 2024

Analysts’ Estimate, as of Mai 28, 2024

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    The consensus information published in the tables above are the arithmetic averages for each financial item of the estimates COMMERZBANK received from analysts from 17.05.2024 to 24.05.2024. To enhance comparability among the divergent methods employed by the analysts in preparing their estimates, COMMERZBANK requested 23 analysts that, to the best of COMMERZBANK’s knowledge, cover COMMERZBANK via written research reports on a regular basis to provide their estimates for each of the line items published in the table.

    14 of these analysts have provided estimates and COMMERZBANK included the estimates of all of these analysts to arrive at the consensus information in the tables above.

    The opinions, estimates, forecasts and recommendations of analysts, and the consensus information derived from them, regarding COMMERZBANK’s performance are those of the analysts alone and do not represent opinions, estimates or forecasts of COMMERZBANK or its management.

    By presenting the consensus information above, COMMERZBANK does not endorse or agree with any of such analysts’ opinions, estimates, forecasts or recommendations. COMMERZBANK has not verified any of the analyst information it has received and none of COMMERZBANK, its affiliates or their respective directors, officers and employees make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to, or accept any responsibility for, the accuracy or completeness of the consensus information or otherwise endorse or agree with any of the consensus information.

    COMMERZBANK does not assume any responsibility to update, revise or supplement the consensus information.

    Such consensus information is being provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to, nor does it constitute investment advice or any solicitation to buy, hold or sell securities or other financial instruments of COMMERZBANK.