Corporate Governance

Responsible Corporate Governance is part of Commerzbank’s self-image. We are thus 100 percent committed to the principles of good Corporate Governance.

As an instrument of self-regulation, the German Corporate Governance Code contains recommendations and suggestions for transparent and exemplary corporate governance. The Code was developed in 2001 by the appointed Government Commission and was passed in 2002. The primary purpose of the voluntary code of conduct is to make the management and control mechanisms of listed public companies more transparent and thus strengthen the trust of investors and the public in the economy’s management levels.

Commerzbank, like all other listed German companies, provides an annual declaration of compliance in which the Bank explains whether it has complied with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Commission. In doing so, the Bank follows the “comply or explain” principle according to which companies are obliged to publish any deviations from the Code.

Corporate Governance Report

  • The current Corporate Governance Report may be found in our Annual Report PDF, 3.21 MB

Corporate Governance Presentation

  • Current Corporate Governance Roadshow Presentation (as of January 2023) PDF, 1.23 MB
  • Current Corporate Governance Base Presentation (as of March 2022) PDF, 724.79 KB

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